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Dear Commander,

As has been mentioned, a gating item for the DS has been the launch and stability of 2.5. This caused a much longer delay than we had planned.


Originally Posted by commandar View Post
I appreciate the measured response.

I'm somebody that was playing DCS actively back when the Ka-50 and A-10 were standalone releases and through the initial DCS World release. I've been out of the game since around 2014, but recently jumped back in -- and have been actively buying new modules -- due to multiplayer.

To the point at hand: I remember promises of a coming dedicated server release being made back in those days. Obviously, that's still not here. Am I parsing your statement here correctly that any such release is still pretty far out on the timeline?

Not needing to run the full game client on a gaming machine as a "server" would go an incredibly long way toward addressing quite a few of the issues you just listed.
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