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The question is, when is the Combined Arms being developed what it should be? And when is the DCS World being developed for the ground troops in mind, so every air unit would benefit from it too?

Meaning things like, individual infantry soldier is not a "unit" but just a infantry soldier. You should be commanding a squads, platoons etc. So a infantry squad is a single symbol. A infantry platoon is a single symbol.

The same thing is for the vehicles, a MBT platoon should be 3-4 MBT under a single symbol. So you command the platoon to go somewhere, not individual MBT.

The F10 map is like general thing, you just say "go to X position, be there at time Y, prepare defensive line to North. Attack to town Z west from you, starts 05:45." But you are not commanding individual units in the whole attack. That should be behind 3D view like modern 3D RTS game!

Free camera, Fog of War based intelligence and communications. It doesn't help that one of your units see something if you are not exactly commanding that unit, until that unit manages to report the sighting forward. So add there a few seconds to get first signaling to radio guy, few seconds to get the radio call forward, few seconds to process that and get then that forward until you are directly on FOB or HQ.

That radio communication simulation would as well add worth to CAS pilots as they would get the direct line as should, if there is someone to talk. Every CAS pilot and anyways every pilot should be there to report every sighting. Have a correct radio frequency in multiplayer as otherwise no one else is going to get any intelligence. Spotting something would mean you are only adding some vague general location that can be about 1-2 km accuracy.

A fighter pilot wouldn't see directly anyone, unless their fighter has radar on and datalink sending the data to ground units etc. A GCI or SAM could spot and direct the QRF to interception, with the own realistic delays etc.

The 3D camera commanding that like example Eugen Wargame game series has, would open DCSWorld CA module to far more users. Get pilots to have more ground units and more fun as there would be ground units fighting against each others too instead just some scattered ones somewhere, that is like shooting fish in a bucket.

The CA is the module that should combine every other module, ground and air to one complex warfare. But it is not there.

Now when 2.5 gets released, we have hope that it gets better when ground units has limited capabilities to go through forests and need to use roads, towns etc are more important, bridges are critical etc etc. But F10 map doesn't cut it anymore, it needs to be 3D. And so that VR is possible way to play the game.
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