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Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
sorry if someone posted it before, but i just lack the time to read 12 pages right now, so here is my opinion:

saying it at this time is easy, i know, but after following this project since start, i think you should have made the 109, spit and p-47 as modules for DCS:World, selling them regulary. after the release of those, a kickstarter for a wonderfull map and AI WWII crafts, followed by playable stuff at the stretch goals would have made a difference. those three modules would have given money, and not a small account, as many people are waiting for a spit and a 109, and you could have focused after that on a map and stretch goal items.

even more you could have waited with this for edge to be released, dont know the internal state of edge, but wouldnt have been bad anyway.

i also think it would have taken away a lot of the confusion that was generated as well.

yes, its easy to say now, 5 days before KS end, but who knows for what good this opinion is.
Still not too late for that. Ilya can cancel the whole Kickstarter and proceed this way without owing anything to anyone. Selling the three warbirds within DCS World at full price would easily make so much revenue that he wouldn't need another Kickstarter to finance his WWII project.

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