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Default No radio in the air?

Wanted to have some Korea dogfighting going so picked a few missions to try.
Every time i jump into a mission with an air start i can't get the radio working, the radio menu never shows up.
However, radio with missions with a normal take-off are no problem, when sitting on the runway i can bring up the radio menu just fine.
But that's not the only problem, once in the air, just as with mission with air start, it is impossible to bring up the radio menu.
So i went into the mission editor and looked through the different missions but couldn't find an thing special. All seemed OK.
Then i created a mission, just a runway take-off and started it from within the mission editor. Radio works fine on the runway but once in the air, no joy anymore. Made a little mission with air start... no radio although the setup is just the same.
So what makes the radio not working once wheels are up?
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