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"So is this some real stuff or what? "

At the moment we don't know much. Nothing official have been stated about that.

All we know so far is that Polychop is currently working on an OH-58D Kiowa. It wasn't sure if it was for DCS or another simulator like X-plane for instance. Polychop seems to have no license from ED for this module (AFAIK) but then comes this screenshot...

If it is not a fake screenshot, then that can means 2 things :

- ED finally gave the license to Polychop for this module (meaning that the other thrid dev studio working on the kiowa cancelled their project ?)

- OR, Polychop wanted to test their new product in DCS in order to show to ED that their product is up to DCS standard (and maybe almost ready for sell ?).

So wait and see I guess...
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