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Originally Posted by hoochiekoo View Post
The aerobatic missions that Morpheus share were my work but they're too old. I've create many aerobatic mission to train flying aerobatic with AI but it can help only improve skill in fifteen, thirty, forty five and sixty degree turn. The other aerobatic task for AI can't be use as a training profile because AI perform too fast to follow in formation such as loop.

Attached is the aerobatic exercise at Kutaisi around 30 minutes with AI lead in low pass left, right, loop and overhead brake that I input voice for lead command such as left turn, smoke on instead of message popup in the old version. But since the last DCS update makes some of the voice command seems to say earlier or behind the AI lead action that I didn't correct it yet. You and maybe your aerobatic team left wing, right wing or slot can fly in any position you want. AI lead will activate when you rolling pass the trigger zone on the runway. Have fun.
Thank you very much for your work.

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