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Originally Posted by Vincent90 View Post
I'm more worried about the deck crew animations to be honest. Do you already have ideas how you're going to make them behave 'not-roboty'?

EDIT: And wasn't a similar crew planned for the Viggen? And if that is the case; Is it still on the roadmap?
Originally Posted by westr View Post
I am wondering about the same thing. Would love to hear about potential animation with crew. These renders however are out of this world.
Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post

As mentioned in the last update, our goal is to try and include as many deck animations as we possibly can. Of course, it's quite possible that this particular feature will not launch together with the carrier or aircraft.
However, that has not stopped us taking our first steps with Motion Capture.

Here's a rough capture (pre-cleanup) of one of the many animation sequences we'll be looking to recreate


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