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Hello guys,

I have a little question for our friend Mainstay, this morning I've tested your Mexican repaint (of course I really love this repaint).
I'm not specialist of the repaints but it seems that we have a little problem with the textures of the wheels.
In the sunlight everything is OK but when I watch my wheels in the shadow I loose the bumping of the wheels, is it normal ?

A little specular problem ?
I've tested with the Russia repaint and in the sunlight or shadow I don't have this problem...

Please can you tell me if it's normal or a little bug with the textures...

As it's not easy I join you one screeshot of your repaint and the Russia version, in the sunlight everything is OK but in the shadow the bug appear...

On the #1, #2, #3 all is OK but the #4 a bug ?

Of course it's not a bad note, just a little question ^^

I wish you a very good day and best regards. Skull
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