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Originally Posted by X93355 View Post
if you fail to retract the flaps on a touch and go, you really do notice the extra drag.
The question is, does the Yak still climb at 160km/h with the gear and flaps down, although only very shallow of course.
Pulling the throttle to idle in dirty config results in an almost Wilga like ROD. 10m/s.
In level flight with the gear down, retracing the flaps will increases the speed by more than 100km/h (no change in power setting).
Is that correct?

A bit OT, but when reducing the speed from 200km/h to 110km/h (Vst pwr on), with throttle and prop full forward, there's basically no change in rudder application required to keep the ball centered. Is that correct?

Thanx in advance

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