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Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
I tested a couple case 1s again. 800 stable level through the break, good drop and lift reaction with gear and flaps, drop to 600 with dlc, easily got it on speed, 450 in the 90 - all pretty much without breaking a sweat.
Have you tried CASE I, with 0 wind & boat doing 25-30kt? The "sinking" is very noticeable in this condition.

Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
The better the stick, the less curves you should need and less deadzones as well. Please try and see if that helps. Thank you.
I tested & I see no difference in different curves. IMHO it's about the FM's, lift, drag & power-response in land-config. /Thank you.

Originally Posted by Nealius View Post
What about the DLC behavior? Prior to the recent updates DLC would increase/decrease sink rate with very minimal AoA change--perhaps one or two degrees. In the current version, extending DLC causes AoA to increase excessively. Stowing DLC respectively causes an excessive decrease in AoA as well. When I say "excessive," I mean in comparison to previous iterations of the flight model.
Agreed. There is a 4kt increase to AoA speed with DLC active. Why the excessive AoA changes?

And that the DLC disconnects all the time due to need of afterburner use doesn't make it easier.
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