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Default 132nd Virtual Wing / 388th Virtual Fighter Squadron is now recruiting. (F-16C)

The 388th Virtual Fighter Squadron of the 132nd Virtual Wing is now recruiting.

We are looking for pilots flying the F-16C. Pilots that apply should be experienced flying and operating the F-16C, as our training program is designed to teach you how to fly, fight and operate as a flight in a MP environment.

High level of the mandatory flights with an Instructor Pilot (IP) during Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and Mission Qualification Training (MQT):
Flight 1: 132nd Comms and ATC and airbase operations. Getting proficient handling comms with GND, TWR , Approach and AWACS.
Flight 2: Tactical formations and turns
Flight 3: 1vs1 WVR Basics
Flight 4: 2vs2 BVR Basics
Flight 5: SAT 1 Basics (Surface Attack Tactics)
Flight 6: MQT checkout. Combining what you have learned in a simulated combat mission to show proficiency as a wingman on 132nd events.

After IQT and MQT then pilots will move on to various topics in Continuation Training to gain additional proficiency. During all phases there is a heavy emphasis on self-qualification lessons, so new pilots will need to be able, diciplined and motivated to conduct training on their own to make sure to progress in accordance with the training program.

About us:
The 132nd are a mature group of laidback guys with a strong passion for military aviation. The 132nd was first established in 2013, so we have been around for a while.

We are in the EURO zone and for timings and connection issues, we are primarly interested in pilots in this region. We conduct training events wednesdays at 1900Z (2000 CET) and sundays at the same time we conduct either a combat event, or normal or advanced training.
We mostly fly PvE, but are often combining that with human aggressors flying Red Air to augment the AI.

We also conduct a range of combined events with various organizations here in DCS to add the immersion for our combat and training events by bringing other virtual squadrons in to fly at the same time.

Before applying:
Before you consider applying, check that the following description fits you:
- You know how to fly and operate the F-16C, including aerial refueling.
- You are able to attend events wednesdays and sundays at 1900Z / 2000 CET.
- You enjoy "slow paced" gameplay, where focus is on learning and becoming proficient in the aircraft to get the most out of this simulator, rather than fast paced kills on a PvP server.
- You enjoy immersive and realistic missions.
- You own the PG map.

If this sounds interesting, please apply on the 132nd Virtual Wing website:

If you have any questions, please post it here in this thread, or send me a PM.

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132nd Public documents - Want to apply? - 132nd Youtube channel - 132nd Discord Channel

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