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Originally Posted by epolta View Post
My measured IPD by optometrist is 68.5. I have it set to 67 in WMR settings (because that's as high as it goes with the slider) and set it to 68 in DCS - which is really just for world scale. I do notice a bit of eyestrain, but it almost feels like it's because the visuals are SO good - like looking at high resolution monitor up close or something? The sweetspot for me (area where headset can sit on face with things still in focus) seems pretty big to me, but it can be difficult to see switch names when looking down and behind. Sometimes I have to physically move the headset down on my face when looking down and behind me so everything is in focus.The other thing I experimented with was removing facial interface foam which allows the headset to sit closer to your face, drastically improving the field of view. I did a similar mod with my Rift S and I think I will do it for reverb as well, by adding some craft foam or weather stripping along the forehead.
Yeah i was referring to the worldscale setting, i have it on 55 ipd normally, just trying to figure out what's giving me eyestrain
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