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Originally Posted by HWasp
I have made a bug report about that excessive glide ratio, since there was no response at all from the devs in here. What is the purpose of having a great single unified FM thread, if there is no purposeful communication with the customers?
Sorry for the late reply HWasp,

All the minor issues that still remain in the FM like the ITR/STR and lift-to-drag ratio are in the process of being fixed. Your feedback on the glide ratio was very useful, thanks.

Currently the aircraft is also becoming supersonic in MIL power at most heights by 2-3kph and this is also in our coder FM work list.

To all those that fear that the FM is wrong or in a bad state, please check for the FM comparisons between the simulated aircraft and the real one in threads in this very sub-forum and in our Discord channel. We have presented a lot of data to allow for the correct assessment of the MiG-19P FM status and updates have been released on a timely schedule.
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