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Default Best Monotor for Huey?

Hi all, I just posted this over in the hardware section, but I also wanted to target the Huey Flyers, because that is primarily what I prefer to fly (along with Black Shark). You guys over here are much more tuned to the needs. Below is what I posted. Thanks for any feedback folks.

Hi all, I have been reading for days about monitors, my eyes and brain are bleeding! I am replacing my 980 ti Hybrid with a EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid(my 980 crapped out :{ ). Anywho, in the process, I realized that my current 30" monitor (2500 x 1600 60 Hz) only has Dual DVI input. Wont mate with new GPU without a passive adapter. I dont want that! So I am looking to upgrade to 34" to 38" Curved. I DO NOT want a 1440 vertical resolution monitor. I like the height of my current 30", and do not want to reduce it down. That kind of limits my selection, and Im ok with that. So for days it seems that my best bet would be to stick with 60Hz for the sake of TrackIR (120Hz) and considering that I wont likely see steady frame rates of 60 FPS with everything set to high anyway. To add to this, I prefer to fly Helos in DCS as opposed to fast movers (occasional), so my need to spot air targets at a distance is not a primary concern. Smooth, crisp low level terrain is my primary focus. With that being said, I also have a store credit for BestBuy of about $800 - $1000 for a monitor, and the best i can find seems great, but it is a 60 Hz:

I am suffering from information overload, and am soliciting for feedback based on my specific needs. I am considering purchasing elsewhere for a better suited monitor for my needs if its within budget and it makes better sense? Thank you in advance.
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