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Default It's mainly a matter of how often somebody flies ...

... and some little leisure for experimenting around with lines and shortcuts ...

That's my new time: 3m 50.5s
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OMG, I never thought I would come into these regions with this old stick here.
Last week I thought the guys are cheating somehow, but now I understand that - even with my older equipment - a time around 3:50.0 is possible, and not so far away.

I found some "paths" on the surface of the earth and follow them once I remember them as working.
What is really helping me is the fast machine I got.
It gives me around 90 frames, which I consider the second most important thing for this job here.

This evening I made a video of a flight which was 3m 51.8, but ... I think I will NOT distribute it at this very time.
Don't think I am a maniac, but I made it for any possible discussion if somebody would state that we are cheating here, and this video - since the f.u.c.k.i.n.g TRK files dont work - is the evidence for eternity
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