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Originally Posted by kengou View Post
No need to speculate. Razbam has shown us already:
JTAC CAS text messages* is how Razbam have implemented JDAMS in DCS.

Internet NATOPS Tac Manuals don't document the newer OFP that supports JDAMS but OFP 4.0 supports 5 target points (0-4), 10 mark points (0-9), 60 waypoints (0-59), 32 GPS points (i.e. Pre-planned targets) and the ability to transfer GPS data from the DSU (Data Storage Unit) i.e. nearest airport co-ordinates, etc.

Pre-planned data on the DSU can't be changed by the pilot (as it's setup prior to takeoff), but the DSU can store several mission plans/target lists and the UFC can be used to edit/create new target points, etc. after the data transfer.

At one time Razbam said that JDAMS could only be programmed prior to takeoff but it sounds like they were mixing up DSU target lists and ignoring the ability to edit the "live" data or transfer co-ordinates from the TGP.

“We are using Block 4 JDAM, which is able to use relative targeting,” explained Anderson. “The plane has new software which enables relative targeting. In simple terms, this means being able to put the targeting pod cursor on the target and then the software transfers those coordinates to the JDAM.”

* JTAC Automatic Target Handoff System (ATHS)

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