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Originally Posted by shaHeen-1 View Post
The mods messed up on that first useless SD10 thread. They should have stepped in way earlier. Now ppl are confused and suspicious for no good reason. Bluebois are pissed cuz they don't want to ever play as an underdog. Redbois are pissed cuz they wanted to slap bluebois with a new fancy module for once.
This... 100% this... so much... while I'm just sitting over here wishing ED would ACTUALLY look at the data presented to them about drag and all the missiles since the "missile mod" team did a crap load of research 3-4 years ago. They completely ignored all of it... I just want reasonably accurate modeling of the missile external balistics. I'm really hoping the new missile API improves the logic behind both the physics and guidance for the 120 and R-27's as well as the rest.
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