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Originally Posted by Fri13 View Post
IMHO that all should be put to a debrief and prebrief rooms. Not to cockpits, not to kneeboard etc.

That's fine and all for singleplayer and if you have the time but in multiplayer this just would not be feasible. Real life limitations mean that I have at most 1.5 hours to fly a day. Between INS alignments, Mission designers who like realistic deep-strike missions and now briefing rooms I'd be lucky to get one sortie in. And even if I had more time you'd probably want to get rid of hot-rearms. On the servers I fly people are spread out between at least 4 time zones, so not everyone shows up at the same time. There are very few occasions where we can coordinate strikes to this level. And if we do have FAC I have to shut the A/C down and go to Debrief Room to deconflict the laser codes?

Lets be reasonable here. I like realism as much as the next person and I'm not not advocating changing codes midair or any other Ace Combat type mechanics, but its still a simulation with some artistic license and as such, the loadout window makes sense and a practical compromise..
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