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Default Interesting fact about the F-16 Side Stick Controller

Hey all.

I'm sure I'm way late to the party on this but this is something I just stumbled upon while researching how/where I should mount my FSSB stick in preparation for the F-16, I didn't know about it so I thought I'd post it here just incase its new info for anybody else.

Apparently the force axises on the F-16 stick are rotated 12 degrees to the right. So to pull full up elevator with no roll input you actually have to pull the stick slightly towards you as well, this makes sense from an ergonomic point of view.

I found a thread about it on F-16.net with the attached picture and John Will (Structural flight test engineer for General Dynamics on the YF-16 and F-16 programs from 1973 until 1985) replied and confirmed that it is indeed correct. He also went on to say:

Originally Posted by JohnWill @ F-16.net
The original YF-16 stick, in addition to being rigid, was aligned with the airplane axis system. It was found that pilots had a tendency to input some small roll command while trying to do a pure pitch pull up. Not sure when the change was made, but production airplanes have a stick with a small amount of motion in addition to the 12 degree rotated axis.

So, yes, if you pull straight back on the stick (airplane axis) you will get a small right roll command.
Really interesting!

I should point out that the Stick top itself is still aligned with the for/aft aircraft axis but its just the force sensors in the stick base that are rotated. Because Of this fact I'm going to mount my FSSB straight and then use the supplied software to rotate the output as thats possible.

Anyway, like I said I guess lots of people already knew this but I found interesting anyhow.

Here is the link to the F-16.net thread about it.
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