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Default [BUG] Bombing in the wind

Alright folks, for the last couple of days, I've been trying to figure out the best way to hit targets in somewhat windy conditions with Dumb Bombs, primarily MK-82's.

Below is a rundown of the mission in particular.

Snow (Cloud Density 9)
-12kts at 33ft
-25kts at 1600ft
-0kts higher than 6600ft
Direction bearing 120
Turbulence 2
Fog Visibility 4000ft
Fog Thickness 1200

First target area elevation 430ft

I'm finding the bomb fall line has a tendency to shift right when the wind is coming in from the left (which is normal), but makes getting the bomb pipper difficult to get on target as a result. Bombs are landing about 100 meters away when putting the pipper directly on the target. Bombing into the wind seems to help a little bit, but still not the accuracy I'm looking to achieve with dumb bombs in such weather. I doubt that the HUD can be caged or uncaged similar to the F/A-18C, but is there a way to correct the bomb fall line based on wind?

Any helpful advice is appreciated!

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