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Challenge is the new home for scheduling friendlies and trainings with other squadrons/groups from anywhere in DCS
We don't need this. (my personal opinion)

  • I don't want to be controlled by one man in every of our activites;
  • I don't want to be rated by only one man criteria;
  • I'm member of squad that have history, connections, firendship and don't want that our existence in DCS depends by one man;
  • We have our webspace, discord, TS with all freedom on it and we don't want to be forced using another stuff owned by someone and be slaves there, just listen, no discussions, just follow him in his dictatorship/censorship and allow him to exclude us if we have our attitudes about something;
  • I don't want in future call from Moltar where he ask: "Guys, close your discord/channel "challenge" becasue I WORK THAT IN DCS COMMUNITY" or "You guys don't need discord, turn it off and be part of my discord if you want participate in events" ...When he leave 51st (51st are SATAL starters and organizers) he ask from 51st to close some channels on their discord;
  • I do not support Moltar's organizing events monopoly. DCSWE can be ONLY media IMHO;
  • I think that is not good for DCS community that everything starts and finishing on Moltar's DCSWE/S1G community. All DCS Squads, groups must have rights to organize their events and private sessions as they want;
  • We don't need Moltar's approve for everything
  • Do not let this black hole swallow you step by step
  • We all have comms, cooperations, friendships, relations and we don't need this;

I believe that using a system like this will drastically increase the number of sorties we all are able to participate in.
We flying every day with some teams friendly trainings - what your offer will increase to us except our time on your discord?

This is my personal attitude and not represent 100KIAP or 51st.

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