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Another thing. If you want to shorten the text you have on the route legs and waypoints, try the following:

On ETA only write minutes and seconds as long as the time is on the same hour. give the start time only in the full format. Waypoint names can be set aside to a separate text area on the kneeboard. When you need to fly an altitude, write QNH, if you fly on flight leves, write STD (STanDard, not the other kind of std...), and with radar altimiter write AGL (Above Ground Level).

Leave out the return direction, it takes unnecessary space, and every pilot should be able to derive the direction in their head if need be.

Meters on the altitudes is ok as it is, if you show feet on that you can abbreviate thousands of feet with "kft" (kilo-feet). So 1000ft =1kft. If you want, the same thing works ok with km too if you need to shorten that.

Altitude and speed could be written separately from the map in my opinion. That way only direction and time would show on the map, and the rest on a footnote textfiekd below the picture.

Would that work?
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