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Originally Posted by showtime817th View Post
Ok, how does it work?
At the moment it doesn't work at all, you explode within a minute of the second player joining. Ignoring that little detail (which I'm sure will be promptly fixed), this is how the L-39 is currently implemented:

1) In single player, the player has access to both cockpit seats just like the UH-1 and Mi-8 and can change at will in flight.

2) In multiplayer, the first player gets the front seat only, the spawning character cannot switch to the rear seat like in SP nor can he/she choose the rear seat to begin with. That first player takes the front seat and stays there or doesn't get to spawn. It's that simple.

3) If another player wishes to join, they select the rear seat and the initial player is given the option to accept or reject (works just fine, actually very well implemented).

4) If accepted, the second player takes their selected seat and I assume is also locked into it (not tested since plane always explodes seconds later).

It's #2 that I find so terribly problematic. With the L-39, it doesn't matter since the rear seat is basically just along for the ride anyways. But in aircraft like the Mi-8 where critical controls are in that second seat, it's a problem. It makes it so that the module would be completely unusable by a single person in MP. Imagine how problematic that would be for your group when you have an odd number of players on. Now imagine how much worse it is when flying on a regular server with random players, most of whom aren't on comms and wouldn't speak to a team mate if their actual life depended on it. Then throw in some good old fashioned disconnects and "DCS has stopped responding" for one of the crew at a critical moment in flight. Mutlicrew is unusable without the ability for the main player in the aircraft to takeover unused seats. Until that limitation is resolved, I'm against any additional aircraft using this feature.

I do hope this limitation is resolved, I've had a lot of fun in RoF and BoS over the years using multicrew aircraft and I'd like to do the same in DCS. But DCS's implementation simply isn't workable atm. It has to change and until it does, we shouldn't rush to pile more aircraft into a critically flawed system.

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