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Originally Posted by Robert31178 View Post
I wouldn't advise anyone buy the Hawk in any state because this is a SIM and you can learn to fly in any jet safely instead of buying a trainer, but that's just me.

That said yes we all know about the rep VEAO has earned, but they seem to be trying to shake it, why not support them a little and quit trashing them publicly?

He didn't trash them what so ever. He spoke the Truth and nothing else. I bought both the Hawk and the P40 in pre release and I am still waiting for it 2.5 years later. Or is it more than that now? The Hawk is sub par and bug ridden and the P40 is a no show thus far. VEAO has earned their reputation and I will not recommend their products to anyone. Hearing them speak of future products when they haven't finished the Hawk and haven't even released the P40 yet is a complete joke. I have no problem giving them a second chance, as soon as they fulfill the first chance I took on them by purchasing and pre purchasing products from them. As far as trusting them to come through,...Pffffff, earn my Trust and I will be a fan.

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