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Originally Posted by AbortedMan View Post
...What would those workarounds be? It takes an average of 5-6 attempts to get into any populated server. I haven't seen anything that people are reporting that consistently fixes this type of issue yet.
You need to load the mission in SP and let it run for 10-15 mins. Then you exit, join MP and wait until it either loads or puts you back in the menu. If it threw you out, you should reconnect and it'll probably work, if not it's also probably better to quit and reconnect again. So far everytime I managed to not get kicked in the first attempt I had a constant 1 fps so it's a no go. It also seemed to be important not to join any A/C in the first join. On the 2nd go it usually doesn't lag. Not sure how consistent it is, but it seemed to work.

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