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Originally Posted by WildBillKelsoe View Post
Do I trim for course, keep leg on rudder, then engage heading hold, then remove my feet off rudder?

Originally Posted by WildBillKelsoe View Post
Also what does the red button thing for rudder autopilot testing do? How should it be set before takeoff? Does it alleviate the need for foot on pedals?
Are you talking about the tail rotor pitch limit system (SPUU-52)? If so, that system has absolutely nothing at all to do with the autopilot system whatsoever.

Okay, I'm lying. They work together in the sense that the autopilot, even though it has 100% authority in the yaw channel, will not push beyond the pitch limit set by the pitch limiting system. But for all practical purposes, they have nothing to do with each other.

The only other red button is the one under the green one for the yaw channel, and it just turns the yaw channel off.
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