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Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
I've mentioned in the past that I thought the EA program is a bad idea and this thread is an example of why. What ED has asked is for the general public to pay to be a beta tester. I don't know of any other game developer who does that. .
I think where that analogy breaks down is those cases are 1 developer: 1 game in development, or in extremis 1 developer like (EA) with a huge number of sub studios each working on their own game.

Here it is one simulation, in alpha, with different modules all in varying stages of completion, and the single developer moving people from module to module depending on the priority of the month - and that's all perceptible on the outside - which leads to delay, messaging issues, and frustration.

Having a separate 'closed' alpha would at least lead to a much better understanding of the 'bar' at which a product is released and help ED stay 'on message' such that as you say, people could buy in at a specific 'stage' that suits them.

As it is we have Open Beta where all the Multiplayer servers live (because people want the new stuff sooner( - so we have to deal with things like the Viper damage model and IFF (in addition to bugs) when it shipped. if that had all occured in a closed environment - then that wouldn't be a pressure point.
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