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Originally Posted by Harker View Post
Yeah, that's the thing. I think that right now, they should focus on supporting the released content, core sim and just releasing stuff that's presumably nearly done (such as the Supercarrier module, which also supports two existing modules in the game and will bring them some revenue and the Ka-50 / A-10C cockpit graphical upgrades, since they almost exclusively occupy 3D artists and not systems programmers), leaving other full modules, such as the Hind and Mosquito for after the Hornet is 95%-100% done. Then, they can work on the Hind and release it while finishing the Viper etc. Of course, none of us knows ED's capacity. My example allows for two full modules in active development + core sim, but the idea is that they should try and keep a steadily rolling workload, without increasing the backlog.
Remember WW2 team has diferent team of other module teams, and Mi-24 has the old "BST" team. ED has Moscow team, old "BST" studio and Kiev team (Map team).
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