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Default Slider for stabilizer trim: only 70% of range used

On a related note, I use the slider on my TM Warthog throttle to set the stabilizer trim. This makes sense to me as the true aircraft uses something similar in the form of a wheel, and it works much better for me than a toggle switch.
However, the Bf-109 module only uses about 70% of the slider range. In other words, I reach max. nose-heavy trim when the slider is only about 70% forward. So when I set the slider to its center position the trim is already fairly tail-heavy. In my opinion this is not how the axis control should work. It should use the full range of the slider to go from max. tail-heavy to max. nose-heavy.
I believe that it worked that way before version 1.5.
In my opinion this is a bug.
Note: I have not set any curvature, deadband or custom curve
Edit: I hoped I could tweak it in the clickabledata.lua but that doesn't even contain an axis control (element of type default_axis or similar) for the trimwheel. Strange!
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