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Originally Posted by Xthedarkknight99x View Post
Things that get me. Getting on speed with the E bracket. I adjust the trim add and remove power but it never seems to want to come down. I'm always chasing it away.
Do you have your speedbrake completely out?

Here is what I do :

A the break (I do it a t 2nm, 450kts)

- speedbrake out
- start your turn
- when you start to drop on the VVI, put your wingsweep to auto
- lift will pick up, use gear down to add some drag to stay on altitude

Slowly level your plane heading downwind on the inverse BRC

Noticed I haven't changed the throttle yet, pretty soon you will slow down and start going down. When this happens lower your flaps. Lowering your flaps will create some downward pitching momentum but you will stay on altitude.

Now, concentrate on getting on speed at the proper aoa. Pitch up to stay neutral on the VVI, trim, add power, trim. Keep at 600ft. DLC out.

When abeam the LSO station on the boat, start your turn around 20deg. depending if you are near or far the boat.

This is the tricky part, where you have to stay on speed while turning almost at full mill. Use the force... Don't look at your instruments so much at this point try to get the full 'picture'. Resist the temptation to do big power corrections. Wave off if you are not on parameters.

At about 3/4 turn, the ILS bars will appear. If you are on parameters the last part is easy. You have to reduce power when leveling because lift changes alot depending on bank angle. This takes practice to get right.

Good luck!

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