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Originally Posted by Preendog View Post
On a similar note, does the Huey have any finicky downsides or frustrations that might scare off a newer player with a cheap joystick?

I want to love the Ka-50 but the semi-random blade clash deaths have made me rage quit one too many times. From watching people fly it online, the Huey looks more chill and forgiving to throw around, is that the case?
No the KA-50 is much more maneuverable and has a top speed about 150 knots faster than the Huey. It goes about as fast as the Warthog in level flight. So, yes the Huey is more chill, no you can’t throw it around like you can the KA-50. If you are having mast slapping you are over G’ing the bird. It has nothing to do with your stick. It’s not random lol.
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