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Default [RESOLVED]Artificial horizon freeze

The other thread is already closed but with only the turn indicator problem REPORTED.
I was trying something else today and suddenly noticed that the artificial horizon indicated substantial bank although I was not banking at all.

I tried several times and always managed to freeze the Artificial Horizon. As long as I only turn gently the horizon works fine. But when I maneuver heavily with high banking angles, the horizon evebntually freezes and does not recover. Doing some rolls gets you there very quickly. I attach a screenshot where you see the real horizon horizontal, and the artificial one shows me banking sharply right.
Edit: this is in OB.
Edit: Did a repair and tried again. Same problem. And it also happens if I do a steep climb. See new attachment. Just see that there seems to be a new update. That might change the picture.
Edit: In the stable release I see only the turn indicator problem. The artificial horizon seems fine.
Edit: after today's OB update I re-tried and was about to shout "Hurrah the problem is gone" but then the artificial horizon froze again. And I could reproduce it again and again, but it takes far more messing around. So anybody who wants to reproduce the freeze should go through a series of sharp banks and rolls etc., and you should see the artifial horizon freeze.
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