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Originally Posted by Doktor Faustus View Post
Hey there,
does anyone know if the campaign is still working?
I am trying to fly Mission 2 of Dixmude, the wingman Apache doesn´t react at all to my commands, just flies next to me doing nothing.
So I have to fire up the whole dang enemys myself - wich means i have to fly back and forth to rearm 4 missiles a lot of times.
Anyone knows how to use the wingman correctly?
(Radio set to 127.5)
Iirc the radio contacts with your wingman are scripted by waypoint, the radio can be off and they still work (unlike FARPs, AWACS, and airports). So it may be bugged and require reflying the mission. On my last run through of mission 2 a few days ago, the wingman commands worked. But sometimes they just don't. On mission 3, told him to go back to the FARP to reload, which he did but then became unresponsive. He did go on his own little killing spree afterward though so it worked out ok.
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