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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post

''I'm going to make the best flight sim you've ever seen. It will be tremendous. I know flight sims, believe me. I've never made a flight sim, but I am so much smarter than everybody else. I'm so smart. People tell me all the time how smart I am. Especially me, I tell myself I'm smart every day. My playerbase is so large, they say it's the largest playerbase they've ever seen. It's so much bigger than ED's. It's tremendous. I'm going to make the biggest most beautiful flight sim you've ever seen, way better than failing ED's flight sim. It will be amazing, believe me. Buhlieve me. Who's that? An ED supporter? Get him outta here! Just get him outta here! Go back to failing ED, we're going to make the best flight sim in the world here and you can't stop us. My playerbase is so large, the best, way better than ED's. #MFSGA Make Flight Sims Great Again''

Huh...!=)) Look man, don't embarrass yourself! I'm nowhere near the way you think of me. Don't be ridiculous, yet you may remain jealous and press enter too much after each paragraph! Love you too!
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