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I brought my Hotas Cougar in 2004 cause of flight sims, played all versions of lock on, up to dcs version now. Changed 3pcs since, every one cost around 3-5k bucks. Tracking every change ever since and I dont like the mess now. Im old enough to claim what is wrong from my perspecive as long time user and player. I know how FM and DM behaved before, and I'm sure many other witneses are here too to say some things are teribly wrong with physics. Is that a sin? Instead, I got banned for demanding some explanations as customer. I'm at that point to fire up vulcan api, dotnet, 3dsmax, setup team, kick crowdfunding and build and compile core engine that actually works. Later modifiyn prime template to morph it into any possible plane or craft in the world in matter of months not years, inteligent netcode that just cant be misinterpreted as teleportation. In that case I would just refund allmost complete DCS and go coding up to 3AM .. Somehow I'm still here, not becouse what DCS is now, bu because what DCS used to br once before... So we expect new DM? Tell me when it will be applied?
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