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ED is developing DCS for 30 years? How come they cant fix bugs so fast then if coders know source code as own pocket? How come that in 30yrs ED didnt manage to complete core engine stablility and modular system based on unified physics and DM, one ring to rule them all? Instead they deal with 'beauty' of dx11 api utilization and gpu subroutines thanx to Microsoft. Terrain aquired from nasa radar elevation points, beutified by 3d max outsourced plugins.. The only thru simulation task was to setup physics engine and ED neglected it. That was the only real task in 30years that shoul be progresively updated and set up as golden rule of simulation. Instead of modyfing super flexible template ed gives modules to ousourcing companys that do what, 3dmax model and animations for years. All charts found online in actual declassified flight manuals as valid sources. We, the customers dont believe that simulation is right, as can be easily seen if one compares simple missile range data from dcs one. Missiles never reach even 30% of their nominal range. Either air has super low Reynolds numbers or all models are actually enlarged by factor of two. Making two versions of game instead of implementing localization charts brings suspition that what is indestructible in EN version could be not on RU version and vice versa. Its up to ED to proove that DCS is real simulator by giving us comparison tests simulated vs real charts and deviations in any region if they want to shut up the customers. Even simultanious tests of all modules side by side that are validated by actual geometry and propulsion data. Either that or stop calling this rigged game an 'simulator'. Why so much trouble, well DCS made people spend tremendious amount of money on hardware aside from modules, to get what? Unoptimized 25fps game that is so obviously rigged in favour of specific on demand modules and uses single core aside from second for sound. Thats no game developement as it is manipulation of customers. We the customers value our time as much as ED does but we dont get the product we support. Even less, we dont even get minimum respect. Thats BS.
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