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Originally Posted by toni View Post
Hey Guys, given that a CVN DLC is planned in a medium term future what do you tell me about a high fidelity SH3 Sea King and later on the SH70 LAMPS Sea Hawk ?

Wrong variant, at least for any USN CVNs. LAMPS did not deploy on carriers, just small-boys. Carrier Air Wings included the HS squadrons, equipped with SH-60F (ASW w/ hover-dipping sonar AQS-13E, Mk46, Mk50, & Mk54 ASW/ASUW torpedos) and HH-60H (CSAR, NSW, MAS maritime CAS, AGM-114 Hellfire & FLIR targeting system).

Just sayin'. H-60B were kind of outdated by the 90s...
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