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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
No, really? I never guessed, especially since I wasn't braking. That was the whole point, was to determine if speed affected them. It does, as expected.

It has nothing to do with braking. It does have to do with weight and temperature, specifically the weight on and temp of the tires. It's called physics. Enjoy. We're also not talking about physically locking the brakes and skidding. We're referring to applying maximum braking and not letting off. Regardless, we've safely established brake temp is not modeled, and tires may or may not, at least on the 25T.

And lastly, Ironhand already did a full braking test under a loaded aircraft. So... thanks.

My god you're hostile! But seeing the same rude attitude with your replies to draconus's other thread I'm not surprised. That or you just enjoy sarcasm a little too much. I know you don't want to hear it, but I'm actually going to type some of my thoughts and opinions into this here box.

I know you weren't braking in your test. But that's what 90% of the thread is about. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone on to talk about braking...

While you say you aren't talking about locking the brakes and skidding... that is far more likely to cause a tire failure than overheating. The whole point of the thread was what is causing tire failure on his landings (and then could braking too hard do it). If you cannot come close to locking the wheels (which in the 25 you absolutely can't), you probably cannot create enough heat to blow the tires anyway. When you see an airbus blow a tire with the brakes flaming, it's because it has (and was using at the time) an anti-skid system so it can apply maximum braking force without locking the wheels. That tremendous amount of energy is what overheats the tires, not gently braking (again, what the 25 does). If it didn't have an anti-skid, it would possibly lock one or multiple wheels, which would still cause tire failure, but those brakes would not be overheated.

So the 25 can't lock up, that's one way it's brakes can't cause tire failure. It also can't brake very hard, so it's unlikely they can overheat the tires. That's the only two ways brakes can cause a tire failure ruled out. So brakes on the 25 can't blow a tire, therefore the only other two things are hard landing or skidding.

Pulsing the brakes, brought up in this thread, is completely unnecessary.

And while Ironhand did test landing at max gross, he did not do a complete braking test to determine if brake temperature is modeled. All he did is verify that the brakes are capable of stopping a fully loaded aircraft without failure, not that they cannot fail. That's why I suggested what I did, as it's the maximum amount of brake energy that you could create on the 25 within the limitations of the sim without causing failure by rolling at ridiculous speeds. Again, I doubt they modeled that anwyay.

I wasn't twisting your arm to do the test, nor was I suggesting that you and you alone have the responsibility of proving it. I have no desire to do it because I never blow tires so it really doesn't matter to me. But if someone else really wants to find out if it's possible, that's how.

Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
If you lock the gear up it will lurch to one side, which also increases weight on that side, which increases heat, which increases likelihood of blowout. It also makes it hard to control.

While my comments are rarely addressed to one sole person (I don't provide 15 quotes for each and every topic I discuss), you yourself did specifically say not to brake too hard on the 25 or you will lock the brakes. You can't lock the brakes. It does not lurch to one side, there are no differential brakes on the 25 in DCS and there is no other way for that to happen with regards to braking force in a straight line (you certainly can with steering though). You cannot overheat the tires through braking (to the extent that Ironhand tested). While these are concerns that may exist in the real world, and I don't fault you for expressing them, they don't exist here.
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