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Originally Posted by Sideslip View Post
Guys... really? Come on. Take your car down a road a 500kph and see what happens.

No, really? I never guessed, especially since I wasn't braking. That was the whole point, was to determine if speed affected them. It does, as expected.

that has nothing to do with weight or braking or temperature
It has nothing to do with braking. It does have to do with weight and temperature, specifically the weight on and temp of the tires. It's called physics. Enjoy. We're also not talking about physically locking the brakes and skidding. We're referring to applying maximum braking and not letting off. Regardless, we've safely established brake temp is not modeled, and tires may or may not, at least on the 25T.

And lastly, Ironhand already did a full braking test under a loaded aircraft. So... thanks.
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