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Coming back to the Flanker subject, our Su-27 in the sim can't reach the same angle of attack as the real jet when pulling full aft stick under similar conditions of compared to an airshow Su-27. The Flanker at airshows is able to pull more than 100 AoA with ease and without having to jerk the stick fore then aft in order to gain as much pitch momentum as possible to get an AoA as higher as possible. From level flight, our Su-27 can't seem to get the pitch attitude greater than 95 (+85 upside down more correct) or the AoA greater than 85..90. My guess is that either the elevator's lift isn't high enough (aside from the fact that the lift beyond stall becomes exaggeratedly low) or the CP doesn't move enough forward at positive AoAs. If one of these 2 aren't the concern why we can't get similar results to the real thing, then I let the "experts" here tell what's wrong, cause they can't deny what I'm saying as it's plain clear what happens.


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