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Originally Posted by Direwolf View Post
I am not getting contact with assets (tower, tanker, awacs), when using a FC3 plane. Of course I can set frequencies, talk to my buddies on these frequencies, but... Can´t contact with tower, for instance, like I use to do when I fly F-18. And got Server, VOIP symbols in the SRS window in green, but Game not. Is this the right procedure? I really can´t contact with tower using SRS and a FC3 plane?
FC3 doesn't have modelled radios so it doesn't matter what frequency you set in SRS as they're modelled outside the sim by SRS.

Tower should always work in FC3 as there is no radio to retune.

Any other non FC3 does have modelled radios so the frequency in SRS is the same as DCS
Originally Posted by Captain Orso View Post
Request: Please position the pop-up window on the app window. Currently it is positioned in the middle of the screen.

The problem is when using VR the VR mirror window is in the center of the screen and it cannot be lowered. This means that if SRS opens a pop-up, it is hidden behind the VR mirror window. I specifically position the app window that it doesn't get masked like this, but SRS pop-ups go to directly behind the VR window.

Of course I can find the pop-up with <Alt><Tab>, but in the heat of the battle, it is easy to forget to look there as well.

The pop-up itself appears to steal the keyboard focus (I'm not 100% certain of this yet), swallowing keyboard input. If you have the chat window in MP in focus when this happens, there is no way to close the chat window, until the pop-up is closed.
Can you send me a screenshot / more details?

SRS can be set to force focus to DCS (check settings) and will open at its last used position. If you move it it'll stay there. That is the care for the client window, SRS overlay and DCS overlay

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