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In tests by both Germans and Allied forces of the A models the conclusion was always that the controls were very good in most speeds. The roll rate in particular was praised at all speed and rarely stiffened up. Can't remember what different tests I read but I may have them at home in one of my books.

Can't remember for sure but I believe I also read somewhere that some caution had to be taken at high speeds as the controls were still easy enough to otherwise cause damage to the air frame. Will see if I can dig something up at home.

This changed somewhat with the D model and while it still rolled well at all speeds it lost out to the A here and was a bit more in line with other fighters of the time. Though of course it gained other good attributes.

The FW 190 has for long been one of my favorite planes and I used to read pretty much all I could find about it but I have of course forgotten much of it as well.

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