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Originally Posted by e33et View Post
... when you have headtracking/trackir it disable free mouse-look mode too and it didn't before update 2.3 i think after that version every control is being messy so it being unpleasent to play when camera control don't work properly.

To use mouse look while TIR is active, you should Pause TIR (default F9) and then switch to mouse look (default LAlt+C).


TIR (and similar) detection is now dynamic, when head tracking is detected i.e. the @120 fps sample rate, it takes precedence over mouse look.

By pausing TIR, no new tracking data is generated and you can use mouse look.

... i've tried almost everything, "uninstall/clean/verifying ingrentity of gamefiles" but nothing seems to help, and i've think it's a bug related to when you update the game!
Have you tried renaming/moving

• "Saved Games\DCS\Config"

as IIRC, your personal settings, snap views, options, etc. are stored there.


DCS Steam and DCS Standalone are almost identical with the exception of a couple of config files that tell DCS which copy protection to use and not to display the 'Module Manager' in Steam (as Steam manages the DLC downloads/updates).

An update via Steam or Module Manager will update files in

• "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DCSWorld"

or similar.

It will not touch your DCS settings in

• C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Saved Games\DCS

Tested DCS Open Beta
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