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Thanks for your questions airdoc. Sorry for the confusion, I have not had a chance to write the manual or make any tutorials yet.

Originally Posted by airdoc View Post
since many of these pdf pages needed some process, i started manipulating their saved png counterparts with MS paint, only to find out that the saved changes were lost if i switched between kneeboards.
If you want to make modifications to an image, you need to modify the images in the 'Import Groups Folder' not the 'Custom Kneeboard Folders'

To go to the 'Import Groups Folder', in the menu bar click on 'View -> Import Groups Folder'. This is the permanant location for the imported images and where the images are copied from when creating a Custom Kneeboard.

The 'Custom Kneeboard Folders' are only temporary as they are changed anytime you clear or build kneeboards. These folders are where DCS looks to build the kneeboards within the simulation.

I hope that makes sense.

Originally Posted by airdoc View Post
Do you think you could modify the software in order to accept manual import of jpegs, pngs, etc directly into an existing custom kneeboard and merging them?

There is already a feature that allows the import of image files, although it is located in a different area than the .pdf import.

To import custom images:

1) Click on the 'Create Custom Kneeboard' tab

2) Click on an 'Available Group' that you want to add your custom images or add a new group by clicking on the 'New' button

3) With your group selected click on the 'Modify' button. This will open the group modify dialog.

4) To import your images to the group, click on the 'Import Images' button.

5) Navigate to and select the images you want to import. You can select multiple images at once.

6) Click on the 'Open' button

7) Reorder the images to your liking by clicking on an image and using the 'up' and 'down' arrow buttons on the left of the dialog. You can remove images by clicking the checkbox to to the left of the image name and click on the 'Removed Checked' button.

Click on 'Save' and your images will be renamed to match the group and place them in the correct order within the group.

Originally Posted by airdoc View Post
How does the custom kneeboard images work in conjuction with the built-in ones for a mission? Are all images available or some only, and at what order of appearance? If a user creates a custom kneeboard, would this be unavailable if he were to fly a mission in multiplayer?? (replaced by the mission designer's one?).
There are basically five kneeboard types:

1) Semi-Interactive Maps
-cannot be modified
-visible in all aircraft

2) Default Kneeboard
-images pulled from 'Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Terrain\Kneeboard' directory
-contains the aerodrome charts by default
-images visible in all aircraft
-any images saved in this folder are lost when DCS World is updated or repaired

3) General Custom Kneeboard (called 'General DCS World Kneeboard' in my program)
-images pulled from 'Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard' directory
-images visible in all aircraft
-images are safe during DCS World updates or repairs

4) Aircraft Specific Custom Kneeboard
-images pulled from 'Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\(aircraft name)' directory
-images visible only to that specific aircraft
-images are safe during DCS World updates or repairs

5) Mission Kneeboard
-images pulled from the.miz file's 'KNEEBOARD' directory
-images visible to all aircraft unless they are in an aircraft specific folder

These kneeboards are displayed in game in the above order(the Mission Kneeboard may actually display between 2 and 3, I can't remember) and independent of each other so they will not get mixed around.

Within those kneeboards, the order the images are grouped and displayed is based on their filename. Kneeboard Builder saves the images with the following naming convention:

'001-Emergency Procedures-005.png'
'Group Order Number - Group Name - Image Order Number'

The kneeboard groups the images together based on their group name and orders the images within their groups based on the image order number.

The groups are ordered by their group order number.

Originally Posted by airdoc View Post
If a user creates a custom kneeboard, would this be unavailable if he were to fly a mission in multiplayer?? (replaced by the mission designer's one?).
All custom kneeboards will be visible in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Kneeboards added to a mission by the mission designer will not affect the user's custom kneeboards.

Hopefully I answered your questions without adding more confusion.

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