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Originally Posted by Cristofer View Post
I have some problems/questions (reworking my first campaign Red bear with the newest version of DCE).

First, when AI planes are going to bomb something, they will almost every time break off and fly around in a big circle before engaging their targets. This is probably not a DCE thing, but is there any way to prevent this?
This is most likely related to the distance of the attack waypoint to the target. This is a very fragile affair to get right for the AI. There is an automation in place for bomb-type loadouts that determines the distance depending on speed and altitude, but that doesn't always work correctly. You can override this by entering your own manual distance with the standoff-value in your loadout-table (for missile-type loadouts it is mandatory to enter the value).

Sometimes when exiting the CMD window dissapears before I can accept or decline the mission, and the debriefing text file never appears at all. Any ideas?
If that happens you can run DEBUG_DebriefMission.bat manually. In this case, the error message should persist and hopefully provide a pointer to where the problem is.

Is there a way to increase anti radiation missiles success rate?
Currently there is a 90% chance that the targeted radar will shut down within 5-15 seconds. I think this is about in line with historical experience with ARMs. If you want to change the values, you can modify "Scripts\Mission Scripts\ARM_Defence_Script.lua".

When a weapons takes damage, for example an anti ship cruise missile that the ship are trying to shoot down, an error message appears.
Can you post a screenshot of the error message? Then I can write an exception for the case.
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