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Hi All,

Thank you for your kind words. Your positivity encourages us to do more...

Originally Posted by Stratos View Post
This mods are really useful, hopw you can release more of them with american and russian ground equipment!
Backy 51 Excellent! Any chance for a follow up mod of USAF GE?
Thanks Guys......VOC is in the process of adding US GE to the currently available Soviet GE. Please see the thread link below.


Dave317 Great work as always. Are you able to also make skins for the land rover and 4 tonner without the RAF signs on please.
Dave we would love to provide alternative skins and it is something we are working on. Unfortunately no success as yet. We can get to the point of being able to select an alternative option in game but the texture will not load. We wondered if this was in anyway linked to the EDM?? If any kind soul knows, we would appreciate your feedback. By the way all our Mods take advantage of PBR Texturing and should therefore be forward compatible (2.1/2.5). Cheers.

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