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Default No Vapor Return Modeled?

From the manual 51-127-5 page 22:

(Concerning the vapor return): "Also, check the tank occasionally in flight to make sure that it isn't completely full. If you don't do this, the recovered gas, which may amount to as much as 10 gallons per hour depending on operating conditions, will be lost through the overflow pipe."

When I read this I tested it (about a year ago). It suggested that there were only specific conditions that would result in 10 gph. I remember GUESSING that conditions conducive to vapor lock would result in a higher vapor return rate, but my tests at that time didn't detect a discernible vapor return.

I tested max heat at SL and at max altitude. Since I couldn't find anything I just assumed that I didn't know what operating conditions caused the max vapor return rate. If I was operating the aircraft such that the vapor return rate was only 2-3 gallons per hour, I wouldn't have been able to detect the return with the tests I did.

DCS has far more subtle engine effects modeled, so I would describe this as a bug rather than pedantic aviation nerd rage.

*UNLESS it is modeled and I just don't know how to cause it.
Does anybody know for sure what "operating conditions" would cause the most vapor return? Is it just the engine setting, or would it be affected by ambient temp and atmosphere?
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