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Hi All,

I am looking at doing a similar mission but it's a little more complicated and I don't know if it's possible.

I want to make a mission where the players start off on a carrier.

The players are alerted to an aircraft approaching their countries boarders and are ordered to intercept.

Take off locate invader aircraft and intercept, get into formation and make contact.

Three possible options affect outcome.

1. Invader Refuses to change course and continues flying towards border ... where Invader would need to be shot down before passing border.
2. Invader changes course and flies home
3. Invader is escorted to military airfield and forced to land.

I want the Invader decision to be random so it changes every time it's played. If not I can set up a few Invaders to spawn at certain times.

I hope I have explained it clearly.

Carrier with Allies on, get warning of Invader and Intercept. Depending on Invaders response to interception depends on outcome of mission and whether player passes or fails.

Thanks in advance!
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