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Originally Posted by nighthawk2174 View Post
I haven't seen anything to indicate if the 77-1 is in mass production yet. There was publicly stated interest soon after the Russians moved into Syria but there has been no news since if the deal went through or not. + i'm fairly certain the su35 can carry the R/T/ER/ET. In the end though it wasn't even until 2015+ that the 77-1 may or may not have entered anything resembling large scale production.
Su-35S doesn't have R-27R/ER in its computer, only R-27ET. Well, you could google Su-35s pictures, but i guarantee you, you won't find any R-27R/ER attached to it

R-77-1s can be seen under Su-30SMs, Su-27SMs, Su-35s and MiG-31s like on almost any this years' photo with missiles
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