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Exclamation Version Released

Version is now available.


-added option to turn off auto updates
-added dynamic kneeboard system

I am quite excited about this update. I have spent the last several weeks developing a dynamic kneeboard system that can load external data into a kneeboard at DCS runtime when the mission first loads. This means that it is possible for a 3rd party program (like a mission planner) to export data that could then be loaded into a kneeboard when DCS loads a mission.

So far I have developed two dynamic kneeboard pages that you can add to any kneeboard that will dynamically load mission data from the current mission at runtime:

1) Dynamic Mission Briefing:
-creates a kneeboard page that contains the current mission weather, description and tasks based on the player's coalition.
-converts the weather measurements to metric or US based on the player’s aircraft

2) Dynamic Mission Radios:
-creates a kneeboard page that displays all pertinent radio frequencies for the current mission based on the player's coalition and aircraft.
-displays all JTAC, Tanker, AWACS and FARP and other flights radio information
-displays all preset frequencies for planes with preset radios

These kneeboard pages can be found under the 'General DCS World Kneeboard' and you can add them to any kneeboard just like any other group.


-right now full functionality is only available for single player missions where the player’s aircraft skill is listed as ‘Player’ in the mission. I have not yet figured out how to get the selected ‘Client’ aircraft from DCS at runtime.
-there is no scroll bar available in the kneeboards, so missions with long novels for descriptions or tasks will not have enough room to display correctly. (sorry Belsimtek)

Take a look and let me know what you think.
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